Peer Review #2

This week for the peer review, I had the pleasure of going over Firm Kongthong’s personal blog! Right away upon loading Firm’s site, I noticed the logo of the site. The orange colour is a bold choice, and one that I quite like given how it stands out from the rest of the page. Furthermore, in comparison to other sites starting to move more and more towards minimalist designs (for example, the change of Instagram’s old logo to their current one), having a bright and colourful design is unique and indicative of the kind of website that the reader will be getting into. It shows a lot of personality, especially in combination with the atypical blue background of the site. The colour scheme makes the whole platform feel playful and inviting!

When it comes to suggestions, the one thing that stood out to me the most was the lack of images throughout the site. While images aren’t necessary by any means, they’re a useful tool to help your audience feel more engaged with your content and provide a little more visual stimulation than pure blocks of text.

A screenshot of a blog on a blue background. Black text reads "Category: Pub 101", underneath which the blog post is listed.

I would recommend changing up the design of each post a little bit too! Instead of everything being structured the same way, it might be nice to see the posts being a little more dynamic. Maybe adding a fun graphic along with each of the podcast posts could be cool! Travis Gertz talks a little bit in his article about a digital apocalypse about how much of modern web design is inspired by magazine and editorial design. Thinking about how magazines evoke feeling and engagement through changing up design elements throughout the page, I think giving that a shot might help pull readers in to your content a little more.

A drop down menu from the category "PUB 101" listing subcategories "Mini Assignment", "Peer Review", and "Process Prompt"

The only other thing that I would suggest would be to add a few more categories to your drop down menu. As is, it is a little difficult to differentiate between the types of posts as well as the fact that there is no category in which your viewers can easily find your public posts. Adding in a section for that would be helpful!

Overall, the site is simple and fun. The colours are beautiful, and I love the idea of hosting podcast episodes rather than traditional blog posts! It’s very creative, and I look forward to seeing how the site progresses!

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