Mini Assignment #5

All about me!

An infographic with the site name on the top, listing 5 categories. Category 1 is Isha, the text following is "Me, your lovely host who sometimes likes to ramble a little too much!". The second category is Cooking and reads "You can find me testing out and typing out a variety of delicious foods for you to try!". The third is Musing, and reads "Gotta love chatting about my thoughts! My blog section is like a little diary." The fourth is Creating and reads "Lots of fun projects and different works.". The final one is Enjoying!, and reads "When I'm not here, I love settling down with a nice cup of coffee, a sweater, and a good movie!"
An infograpghic with a tan and green theme. There is a pie chart in the centre with 3 sections labeled Creating, Musings and Recipes. At the bottom the Considering Cardamom homepage is linked.
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