Mini Assignment #2

Guest Blog Post

Hi everyone out there in internet land! My name is Kamala Khan, also sometimes known at Ms. Marvel, but shh! My mom would kill me if she found out. Today, instead of saving the world or doing my calculus homework, I thought I’d take over for Isha and do a little writing on her blog!

Since Isha wants to write about food, I figured I’d talk about a South Asian dish that I’ve learned to love over the past little while: pani puri!

Pani puri, also known as golgappae, are a popular street food across India and Pakistan, which is why Isha and I both like it so much. They’re these little fried dough balls that are completely hollow on the inside. When you eat them, you poke a little hole in the top and fill it with seasoned potatoes and chickpeas, and then they’re either dunked into a spicy water or it’s poured on top. The water is where the snack gets it’s name! Pani translates to water, and puri is a type of fried bread! If you’re feeling really fancy, you can also add chutneys, yogurt and onions in your pani puri. It’s a fantastic late night snack, and the mix of spicy flavours, cooling chutneys and the crunch of the puri make it impossible to eat only one!

A plate of small, hollow pastries stacked together in a pyramid. In each is a little hole, and they are stuffed with chickpeas. To the right is a bowl of spiced water with herbs sprinkled on top.

The first time I ever visited my family in Pakistan, my aunty brought us to get pani puri at a local upscale restaurant. I was really excited, since it’s a dish that I’ve had before and really enjoyed. Unfortunately, I did not anticipate that people in Pakistan have a much, much higher spice tolerance than what I’m used to in New Jersey. After the first bite, my mouth was completely on fire!

I definitely have no regrets in trying authentic Pakistani pani puri, but I think next time I’ll go for a version that hurts a little less!

I’ve talked to Isha, and she says she’s planning on posting a recipe for pani puri sometime in the next week, and I can’t wait to give it a try. I hope you get the chance to give it a go as well!

Thanks for having me, folks, and I hope to see you all again very soon.

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