Imagining an Audience

Process Post 3

When I first set out to create this site, I imagined starting out with an audience of people in a similar boat as me: young people of Indian or South Asian descent who wanted to know a little more about the food from their culture. I imagined an audience of people who enjoyed cooking and would want to branch out and try recipes that they might not have tried otherwise. Eventually, I hoped that the site would gain popularity and eventually reach a wider audience, including those of different cultures, older generations and those who might be teaching themselves to cook for the first time.

With this audience in mind, I wanted to keep the site’s design as organized and neat as possible, while also still being visually appealing. I’m pleased with the layout of Considering Cardamom, with a menu down the left hand side designating the different categories hosted on the site, as well as the Recipes page, which contains links out to all of the different recipe categories. Plus, I added a search function at the bottom of the main menu, which will allow people to search for specific recipes based on tags associated with the recipe post. This system allows for ease of navigation for anyone using the site.

Additionally, I wanted to ensure that all the posts displayed had images attached to them. Personally, I know that when I look for recipes online, one of the things that draws me in is a delicious looking picture of what the finished product could look like. Given that I was considering an audience with similar tastes and wants as myself, I figured that this would be an important facet to include.

All things considered, while I will be making adjustments as the site comes together, I am very happy with the base that I am building off of.

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