Hello folks, and welcome to Considering Cardamom! 

My name is Isha, I’m currently a third year English student at Simon Fraser University, I’m a lover of pop punk and musical theatre, and I am a first generation immigrant to Canada. 

Being born and raised in British Columbia, I have often felt as though elements of my nationality and my ethnicity were at odds with one another. Growing up in an area where I was not immersed in my culture, it was hard for me to feel connected to my heritage. This stood out to me especially as I’ve realized I never learned how to make any of the comforting dishes my mother and grandmothers would make when I was a child. 

Through this blog, I hope to document my journey as I attempt to reconnect with my culture and learn family recipes so one day I will be able to pass them on myself. Feel free to come along, and maybe you’ll find a new favourite dish along the way! 

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